Thanks to your cooperation with PARTNERS GROUP SK, you will gain access to a standardized training system that aims to make your financial, business, management and entrepreneurial skills more efficient. Our training system is based on years of practical experience and a perfect knowledge of the market. The individual training elements are tailored to reflect the specific needs of agents depending on their career level, and offer exactly the amount of information they need in a given career situation.

The training itself consists of basic seminars and workshops, that provide you with business and product information as well as professional insights. Higher education complements the professional training and focuses on career and business topics. Leadership and management trainings together with individual personality development programs are carried out under the guidance of experienced and respected coaches.

At PARTNERS GROUP SK, we also offer a unique training tool in the form of e-learning. E-learning encompasses financial and legal education, product information, as well as key knowledge in the area of working with clients, and is also a useful preparatory tool for legally required professional exams. All of this is available to our agents from the convenience of their home or office.

PARTNERS GROUP SK is a progressive company that constantly introduces new and attractive learning opportunities with the goal to support the long-term career growth of its agents.

The standardized training system
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Consultant academy
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Career seminar
Recruitment academy
Financial freedom
Preparatory course for managers
Owners’ course
Management certification
Management academy
Directors’ academy
Individual Development Center
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