Success story

Tomáš Škvarenina
I always gladly think back to the beginning of my cooperation with PARTNERS GROUP SK. It was a difficult time in the financial services industry, since we did not have the benefit of a market. This resulted in a narrow service portfolio and the need to always be in close contact with our clients. At the same time, we had the opportunity to acquire new know-how and almost instantly apply it to real-life situations. Both the worldwide financial crisis as well as the challenging period after the introduction of the Euro would have been difficult to overcome, had we not grown together as a team. There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than the one I get when I see my colleagues succeeding and people around me, both clients and co-workers, improving their lives. As for what’s driving me forward, reading was always a passion of mine and motivational books rank among my favourites, although recently I’m changing my focus to biographies. After that it’s the opportunity to participate in various educational and training activities and last but not least, the chance to meet and getting to know interesting people both within and outside the company.
At the beginning of every journey towards fulfilling one’s goals, a decision must be made. A decision about where our steps will lead us, in order for us to be able to do something meaningful and help us achieve our dreams. A desire to become someone, to build and create something, to belong somewhere. A hunger for success. Those were the main motives which drove me to start doing business in the world of financial services. I was able to gradually enhance my own value on the labor market by means of continuous training and close cooperation with successful people. Doing business with financial services enables one to start learning how to conduct business without the need for starting capital, acquire immensely valuable know-how from the best and to be led by motivated leaders in the area of brokering financial services in Slovakia. That’s a great chance for everyone who wants to evolve and become a successful entrepreneur. PARTNERS GROUP SK provides opportunities to people, who are willing to work on themselves from a personal, career, financial and competence point of view.

Martin Čupka
Senior Director

Tomáš Škultéty
Managing Director
I remember my beginnings very well, and always with a smile on my face. I am smiling because I know how afraid I was of being rejected, of how people will respond to me and the service I offer, and whether I will be successful. I had a rather low self-confidence then. Today, when I think back, I find most of it amusing and many of the things I considered difficult back then I regard as quite simple today. Particularly my self-confidence received a boost – I have much more confidence in myself, I am more assertive and I also have more empathy – I am able to look at things from a different point of view and learned how to react calmly and more patiently to various situations. However, my character never changed. Whatever I do, I want to do for the benefit of every party, because that’s the only way business can be conducted in the long term. I am happy doing business under the brand of PARTNERS GROUP SK for more than 10 years already.
When I think of building a successful career, I think of pursuing and achieving a higher goal. And what could be better than helping people have a safe and prosperous life. This is how I understand our work: Creating more prosperity in people's lives. I started my business in a market situation that many would consider inappropriate. The financial literacy of the average Bulgarian is very low, the level of distrust in financial services is very high. This is a very difficult and delicate situation. But also one full of potential. There is a thought that leads me every day: "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do it." I am very grateful to have such an amazing team by my side. Changing the financial system of Bulgaria by myself is an impossible task. But I sincerely believe that we as a team can achieve it! Our idea has always been to be the first and to be the best. This requires energy, motivation, dedication, perseverance and most importantly - hard work. Fingers crossed - our strength is our people. Only time will tell whether we will achieve it or not. One thing is for sure, though - the road will be really interesting.

Emil Ivanov
Executive Manager PARTNERS GROUP BG

Peter Jančát
VIP Consultant III
I have been fascinated by the world of finance since I was young. I remember that when I was watching the cult movie Wall Street I was breathless, trying to understand the stock exchange and its “life”. I was offered a job at PARTNERS GROUP SK shortly after I graduated from university. The reason why I accepted it was my interest in obtaining expert knowledge in finance and real hands-on experience which could help me increase my value on the labour market. I also liked the company’s vision to become a market leader in providing financial services in terms of quality, professionalism and a pro-client approach. Doing business with PARTNERS GROUP SK has brought me an interesting lifestyle with gradual expert, professional and personal growth supported by the most advanced technology, innovation and know-how. We at PARTNERS GROUP SK have the opportunity to choose and manage our own careers. My choice was a VIP consultant position where the main responsibility is exclusive customer care. Here I have encountered many stories, many human destinies, and often strong and unforgettable emotions. I do not take their trust for granted; I consider it a privilege and I appreciate it a lot. It is my recommendation that everybody fully use the opportunity to do business with PARTNERS GROUP SK.