About us

PARTNERS GROUP SK, founded in 2007, specializes in financial services and provides comprehensive world class financial planning. The company also offers professional service for private individuals.

PARTNERS GROUP SK develops exclusive financial products in cooperation with leading financial companies. Their competitive advantages are lower fees and higher added value for clients. We believe in quality. We believe that constant growth and improvements can be achieved only by continuous innovation, so we constantly monitor trends and bring about revolutionary products.

Our clients are satisfied with our products. A customer satisfaction survey carried out by the independent company AC Nielsen shows that 95% of clients is satisfied in all the specified areas of service provided.

Our philosophy is to establish transparent communication with our clients, co-workers and financial partners. Values that we defined in a code of ethics became the basis for our daily activities on the financial market.

Our major strength is people. PARTNERS GROUP SK has demanding criteria for the selection of employees. Each of them has to pass a standardized interview and in addition receive independent certification. We place high demands on our partners, and on the other hand we offer top-level conditions and benefits.

We are a young, dynamic team of professionals, respected in the eyes of the general public as well as professionals. We are opinion leaders in the field of professional finances and our experts are frequently quoted by the mass media.

Our goal is a high quality service and objective financial planning, making it available to a wide range of clients through a network of professional offices and client centers throughout Slovakia.